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A 2 week tour with Lewis Smith in the autumn of 2002. We carried full camping kit yet still managed to keep within our 25kg airline baggage allowance - including the bikes!

Bulgarian scenery is varied, the people are friendly and the roads have very little traffic. Cycle along the river Danube plain and across rough tracks in the Balkan mountains, but avoid the touristy Black Sea resorts! You won't mange very well without learning the Cyrillic alphabet and a few basic words of Bulgarian - fortunately the spelling is phonetic, but Bulgarians shake their heads for 'yes' and nod their heads for 'no'!

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Most Bulgarian roads are excellent and carry little motorised traffic. Cyrillic maps can be bought in petrol stations and are essential in order to understand the road signs.

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There are some wonderful tracks and fantastic scenery in the Bulgarian mountains. Map-reading, however, can be quite a nightmare!

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We ate some fantastic food in local cafés and had a lot of fun deciphering Cyrillic menus. We also met a lot of friendly people who generously shared meals with us despite their relative poverty.

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