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PULSE     Swing Cranks

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Use a Pulse Swing Crank when one of your knees doesn't bend as much as it should. It enables your leg to contribute as much effort as it can without being lifted so high.

Pulse Swing Cranks can be used on most upright bicycles and tricycles, but are not recommended for use on recumbents unless you are particularly fit.

Each Swing Crank is normally supplied with a matching Crank Shortener. Each one has 3 or 4 pedal holes, allowing you to adjust the effect to suit your particular needs. You can even reduce it in stages as exercise improves the flexibility of your knee.

They are still in production and can be ordered from Highpath Engineering.


Swing Crank

pedal path
    path of foot with
    normal crank
    path of foot with
    Swing Crank

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Adjustable for different degrees of disability

Three different Swing Cranks are available:

 A   :  setup for minor knee problems

long position

 B   :  normal setup for most riders

middle position


 C   :  setup for more serious knee problems

short position

 D   :  setup for major knee problems

short position

Other combinations are possible if, for example, you have difficulty straightening your leg completely at the bottom of the pedal stroke. You can also use just the Crank Shortener on its own.

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The difference between a Swing Crank and a Crank Shortener

Crank Shorteners are used to shorten cranks when both knees bend normally.

A Swing Crank is used when one knee doesn't bend enough. It allows your damaged leg to straighten at the bottom of its pedal stroke, without your damaged knee having to bend so much at the top. Trying to use just one Crank Shortener instead would mean that your damaged knee would always be bent, even at the bottom...

Swing Crank pedal path
Swing Crank
both pedals reach the bottom, so both legs straighten at the bottom

Short crank pedal path
One Crank Shortener
its pedal is raised at the bottom, so your damaged knee remains bent all the time

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Customer feedback

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