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Di and Chris Bell


Chris and Di 
We are Chris and Di Bell and we live in an old cottage in rural West Wales. Welcome to our little website!

Chris is a retired engineer who used to make special bits for cycles (see below). Di is a retired social worker who enjoys gardening and looks after Chris.

Our daughter Sandra lives in Bristol with our 4 grandchildren Craig, Alesha, Cayla and Mason.

We met in the 1970s in the beautiful country of Lesotho where we were volunteer teachers. Our African experiences have influeneced us for the rest of our lives.

Nowadays we enjoy welcoming friends and visitors from all corners of the World through the Servas peace host organisation.

If you need to find us, here's a map.

CornantOur garden

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Prostate Cancer

Chris was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2004 and it has now reached the 'advanced' stage of the disease.

His prostate cancer website tells you things that could save your life...


Wee problems


Prostate cancer woke Chris up to just how precious every day is, with no time to waste. Since diagnosis, he's ridden some 24,000 km across Europe, mainly solo, and raised over £ 27,000 (37,000 euros) for some wonderful charities. Click on the links for photos and further information...

  Since diagnosis
2015   Finland to France
2014   Wales to Gibraltar
2014   France
2013   France
2013   Ukraine
2012   Wales to Turkey
2012   Spain
2010   Greece to Wales
2009   Norway
2008   Russia
2007   Iceland trek
2005   Belgium

2004   Russia
2003   France
2002   Bulgaria
2000   Iceland
1999   Iceland

Chris' folding touring bike

the open road

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Chris became well-known in cycling circles for designing and making EGGring custom chainrings, including Oval ones...


More about EGGrings

Swing Cranks

Chris also designed Pulse Swing Cranks for cyclists with stiff knees, still being produced by Highpath Engineering...

Swing crank

More about Swing Cranks

the BROX

The BROX quadricycle was designed and prototyped by Chris and Dave Wrath-Sharman....


More about the BROX

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Highpath Engineering

All the things which Chris made and did whilst trading as Highpath Engineering...

Swing Cranks
Crank Shorteners
Pedal Extenders
the BROX
Cassette Spacers
Lamp Brackets
Pannier Brackets
Crank Repairs + Mods

Highpath Engineering

Chris' Highpath Engineering
Today's Highpath Engineering

Cycle Technical Notes

These notes were written in 2000 to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the products that Chris supplied. They attempt to correct a few myths and explain other points about cycle transmissions which are not readily available elsewhere...

Modern gears and chains
Choosing your gears
Freehubs and cassettes
Rear derailleurs and indexing
Front derailleurs
Shimano gears
Bottom brackets
Cranks and chainsets
Oval chainrings - general
Oval chainrings - technical
Oval chainrings - history

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RISC OS computers

RISC OS is a British operating system that's faster, more stable and more intuitive than Windows or MacOS. Chris has written some software for it...

More about RISC OS


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Cornant, Cribyn, Lampeter, Ceredigion, SA48 7QW, Wales, UK
di@cornant.uk           chris@cornant.uk

©  Di + Chris Bell